Mobiles, accessories, internet package stole show at CAN

Mobiles, accessories, internet package stole show at CAN

The six-day long CAN Info-Tech has ended today. How was this edition of CAN?

As information technology (IT) has become an integral part of human life, people are interested to learn about new products and development in the sector. We received participation from students, professionals, politicians, bankers and IT enthusiasts from all walks of life.

What were the major attractions in the 21st edition of CAN Info-Tech?
The companies selling mobiles, accessories and internet packages drew large number of visitors. People were also eager to learn about features of all sorts of new IT products.

There were complains that the entrance fee was very high this time, contributing to the decline in the number of visitors this time.

Due to increase in the management cost, rental charges, among others, we were compelled to hike the entry fee. But fewer visitors was not just because of the increased fee. Many people could not turn up because it was the wedding season.

Visitors complained that some companies were just clearing their old stock rather than introducing latest products. Is it true? Our main objective is to inform people about latest products but some companies seemed to be using the expo as an opportunity to clear their stock. We strongly discourage this type of activity and we will keep an eye on it next time. As it is the IT expo, can we switch to online ticket system? Though computer literacy has increased, Nepalis still hesitate to buy tickets online. Only 0.5 percent of the overall tickets were bought online. The figure shows that Nepalis are not used to making payments online. It is not possible to switch to online-only system for selling tickets.

Source: Republica