Mobile app launched to care pregnant women in Chitwan

Mobile app launched to care pregnant women in Chitwan

Now, pregnant women can register themselves online to get audio, video and text content in a periodic manner in order to help themselves with information about the change in her body and safe pregnancy.

For this, a pregnant woman must register her name and address along with last menstruation date on the site

This can also be done at a nearby Health Centre where the service is now available.

Once registered, with her unique username and password, a pregnant woman starts to get audio, video and text content in her profile in a periodic manner. She will receive the first content by the 12th week of pregnancy. After that, till 28 weeks, she will receive contents in every 2 weeks. After 28 weeks, the content is focused on the family member of pregnant women. So it needs to be listened together with family members over her mobile devices.

The is an easy and handy web-application designed and developed to support women during their pregnancy by providing with information about the change in her body during the period and other safe pregnancy-related information.

It aims to inform and empower low-income, expectant mothers during their pregnancy and child delivery period. It focuses health of both newborn and child.

The women can also consult doctors about their health concerns by asking questions to them online.

The pregnant women can also get information through the ‘Aamakomaya’ mobile phone application.

A pregnant woman can get this facility at her home if she has the internet facility; otherwise she has to visit the nearby information centre or health centre for the same.

From this technology, every pregnant woman gets all the information about the feotus and physical as well as mental changes developed during the pregnancy.

This technology was brought into use by the Jhuwani Community Library at Bichhauli of Chitwan.

It was developed by computer engineer Rajendra Paudel and it is being implemented at different parts of the Chitwan, Kathmandu, Makwanpur, Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts.

In Bachhauli, nine women health volunteers are provided with mobile phones along with internet facility to ease the use of the technology. The health volunteers reach to the house of pregnant women to know their health condition and send it to the control room from their mobile phone. Information is sent to the pregnant women about the health condition of women and feotus through the volunteers. The pregnant women are informed through the same technology to visit the health centre soon if some problems are seen.

Source: THT