ML 4.5 tremor felt in Kathmandu Valley, epicentre in Dhading

A light tremor was felt in several places of Kathmandu Valley and neighbouring districts at around 12:17 pm on Tuesday.

It was of local magnitude 4.5, the National Seismological Centre said, listing it as an aftershock of the April 25 earthquake.

The epicentre of this significant aftershock, recorded after two days, lies in Tasarpu of Dhading district, west of the Kathmandu Valley.

The last aftershock was recorded at 4:05 am on September 20, with its epicentre in Dolakha district. It was of local magnitude 4.0.

The NSC records show that as many as 396 significant aftershocks of local magnitude 4.0 or above have followed the ML 7.6 earthquake that hit Nepal at 11:56 am on April 25.

Source: THT