Missing man found killed by elephants

A person who had gone missing after a parade of wild elephants appeared on his way three days ago was found dead on Friday.

Buddhikanta Pokhrel (55) of Damak-10, Jhapa had taken off the bus he was travelling on (Na 3 Kha 7960) after a parade of elephants obstructed its way in Lachka of Rautahat along the Highway.

He was out of contact after the incident and feared to have been taken away by a group of wild elephants.

Policed recovered his body from a jungle near Lachka this afternoon.

SP Sanubabu Thapaliya of the District Police Office said preliminary investigations suggested that he was killed by elephants.

Police said Pokhrel was an agriculture research officer at a UN-funded project in Darchula district of Far West Nepal.

The deceased’s daughter Pragya said her dad was returning to work from Jhapa-based home after the Dashain celebration.

Personnel from security forces were searching him for last three days.

Source: THT