Ministry of Agriculture demands Rs 5.8 billion for fertilisers

The Ministry of Agriculture Development has demanded Rs 5.86 billion from the government for purchasing chemical fertilisers for the next fiscal year 2071-72 BS.

The Ministry had provided Rs 5.7 billion to Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd for purchasing chemical fertilizers in the current FY.  The company has set a target to distribute 190,000 tonnes of fertilizers from the grant.

The Salt Trading Company will import some 85,000 tonnes of fertilisers in the current FY. Some 275,000 tonnes of fertilizers will go to market from these two organizations in the current FY. If the government provides the demanded grant, the company can distribute some 300,000 tonnes of chemical fertilizers.

If that amount of fertilisers goes to farmers, there will be no shortage, said Officiating Managing Director of Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd. Ammar Raj Khair.  He said if the budget is available as presented before the National Planning Commission, the amount of fertilizer will be imported, which is enough for Nepalese farmers.

The company had sold 222, 614 tonnes of fertilizer in FY 2069 -70 BS. It has been selling urea, potash and DAP from 41 sales depots in the country.

Source: Nepalnews