Mid-Marsyangdi halting power generation for two weeks

Mid-Marsyangdi halting power generation for two weeks

Lamjung-based Mid-Marshyangdi Hydropower Project (70 MW) is halting power generation for two weeks for maintenance of a damaged wall in its dam.

Rajesh Pandey, chief of the project, said they have decided to stop power generation to repair left side of the wall of the dam which was damaged three years ago. “It was in working condition,” he said, adding: “It should be repaired in dry season as it might create problems in rainy season.”

According to Pandey, they have decided to repair the wall now as water level in the dam has receded to the required level.

“We will build a 50-meter wide and 6-meter tall wall. It would be impossible to build the wall of this size in rainy season,” he added. The repair works were originally scheduled to begin from Sunday, according to a technician of the project.

But the project has decided to begin the work from next week because of strike and banda. The project will stop generation completely while it undergoes maintenance works. Pandey said power generation by the project had dropped significantly due to receding water level.

Officials say closure of the project´s powerhouse for nearly two weeks might prompt Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to increase load-shedding hours.

Source: Republica