Micromax launches X081‚ X082 handsets in market

Micromax, an international brand of cellphones that has established itself as the frontrunner in the arena of mobile phone sales in Nepal, has added two new models — Micromax X081 and Micromax X082 — to its vast array of mobile phones in Nepal.

The all new Micromax X081 prides itself on its rejuvenation of the wireless FM feature along with better and diverse multimedia functions than any other brand in its league. Also, the GPRS in the new Micromax X081 lets the user be in touch with the world at all times. Adding to this, it also sports a digital camera. The phone also has Micromax’s signature M! Zone, through which users can play games, use multimedia, and so forth. Adding to its stupendous array of features, it also has Bluetooth for transferring any files or pictures and it also has dual SIM support, making it an ideal phone for both personal and business purposes. The new Micromax X081 supports a micro SD memory card. And to maintain all these amazing features, it has a powerful 1750 mAh battery.

Meanwhile, the all new Micromax X082 offers wireless FM and breathtaking multimedia features to keep you on your toes. Furthermore, the GPRS and Bluetooth lets you connect with your loved ones and share any files or pictures with them. The digital camera in the new handset lets users capture amazing moments anytime, anywhere. The dual SIM function and micro SD memory card add on to its long list of features, along with the signature M! Zone. It also has a 900 mAh battery.

Source: THT