Microbus drivers to lose driving licence after sixth offence

With a view to making drivers of public transport vehicles, especially microbuses, abide by rules and cultivate a sense of road safety, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division today said it would recommend the Office of Transport Management to suspend the licence of drivers who violate the rules for the sixth time. 

According to Section 60 of the Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act-1993, drivers who violate traffic rules for the sixth time will face suspension of licence for up to six months. 

“We have been maintaining the digital records of microbus drivers for the past two weeks. During the period, on-duty traffic cops recorded as many as 6,950 microbus drivers and also warned many third time offenders,”said DIG Keshav Adhikari, in-charge at the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division. 

Around 2,000 microbuses ply the Valley roads every day. 

“Most microbuses have more than one driver and as they frequently switch to other vehicles, the number of offenders has exceeded the number of microbuses in the valley,” DIG Adhikari informed. 

The move is part of traffic police and transport entrepreneurs’ joint initiative to reduce road accidents involving microbuses in the wake of public outcry over the ‘terror unleashed by public vehicles amongst the city commuters’.

According to MTPD, road accidents have claimed over 20 lives and injured 220 people in the past two months in the valley. Of the dead, five were killed in accidents involving microbuses.

The MTPD has identified 12 major faults of microbus drivers and asked the entrepreneurs to urge microbus drivers to mind the road safety for themselves and others.

Source: THT