Melamchi project faces technical hurdles‚ says ED

The Melamchi Water Supply Project that aims to add to the supply of drinking water in the Valley is facing technical hurdles and labour problems.

Out of the total length of 27,582 metres, 10,541 metres of the tunnel has already been constructed so far while 7, 041-metre stretch is yet to be constructed.

According to the project’s Executive Director Ghanashyam Bhattarai, political hurdles surrounding the projects had been resolved. However, the project faced technical hurdles and management issues.

“One of the major technical hurdles is geological,” Bhattarai said. He added the blast method being used for the project was seen to be slightly difficult to implement given the Valley’s geological make up. Another challenge that project faced, according to Bhattarai, was the difficulty in mobilising labour for the project in order to meet the project’s contractual deadline of 30 September 2016.

Source: THT