Mega Bank multimillion-rupee fraudsters busted

Police said they detained three persons including a branch manager of Mega Bank Limited for their alleged involvement in a bank fraud case involving Rs 20.99 million.

The fourth suspect, who is also a branch manager of the Bank, Rajendra Pandey, is on the run. 

They swindled the amount deposited in an account of Tourism Development Bank Limited, held with Mega Bank, Kantipath Branch in January last year, police said. 

Mega Bank Kantipath branch manager Shambhu Bahadur Thapa (49) and Praveen Pandey (24) and Padeep Pandey (26) from Salang of Dhading were held by the Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) recently.

(From left) Rajendra Pandey, Shambhu Bahadur Thapa, Praveen Pandey and Pradeep Pandey.

Mega Bank, Dhading branch manager Rajendra Pandey mobilised his brother Praveen and neighbour Pradeep to swindle the money, police said. 

Kantipath branch manager Thapa, on the other hand, issued 10 blank cheques of Tourism Development Bank to Praveen without verifying signatures and stamps of the applicant on the cheque requisition form, police said. 

Later, Praveen withdrew the amount with forged signatures of Tourism Development Bank CEOs Manoj Khadka and Mohan Prasad Pandey, police said. 

Rajendra then opened accounts at the Rastriya Banijya Bank in Bhotahiti with two fake names of Sanjay Dhakal and Rajat Todi and deposited the money there. 

Police recovered banknotes worth Rs 1.156 million from the rented room of Praveen and Pradeep in Gongabu of Kathmandu on this Wednesday.

Police also dug up bundles of notes from their farm in Salang village of Dhading the following day. The notes were so decomposed that they could not be counted, police added. 

Source: THT