Mega Bank fraudster Pandey surrenders to police

Mega Bank fraudster Pandey surrenders to police

Fraudster-accused Rajendra Pandey, who swindled Rs 20.9 million out of Mega Bank by misusing a checkbook of Tourism Development Bank, has surrendered to the police.

On January 26 2014, Pandey, then Bank Manager of Mega Bank, Dhading, had withdrawn Rs 20.9 million by mobilizing his brothers Pradip Pandey, Pravin Pandey in cahoots with Shambhu Thapa, Branch Manager of Mega Bank, Kantipath.

Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) had made mastermind Rajendra public following the arrest of Pradip Pandey, Pravin Pandey and Shambhu Pandey with the money.

MPCD had forwarded a process to repatriate Rajendra to Nepal following the revelation by the accused that Rajendra had sneaked into Japan after the incident.

Rajendra has surrendered to the police today itself, police said.
He is under the control of MPCD, said MPCD Chief Pushkar Karki.

Source: Republica