Manakamana cable car resumes service

Manakamana cable car resumes service

The Manakamana cable car that was closed for long after the April 25 earthquake has come into operation from Sunday though there would not be regular worship in the Manakamana Temple.

Station Manager of the cable car company DN Kayastha said that the decision to run the cable car service was taken considering the flow of devotees.

The cable car that came into operation from May 10 was closed after the powerful aftershocks on May 12.

As the cable car resumed its service after one and a half month gap, the devotees have flocked to the temple even to worship outside the temple.

The temple has witnessed serious crack due to quake and it has tilted. The demolition of the temple is expected to take a month period as the task would be started on Monday after worshiping the Gajur (pinnacle) and taking out the same from the temple, priest Insan Thapa Magar said.

Regular worship of goddess Devi would be conducted by constructing a makeshift site after demolishing the temple.

With the obstruction of the cable car service for long, the operators have had to bear loss of Rs 50 million. RSS

Source: eKantipur