Man returns Rs 3-mln recharge cards he found

Indra Bahadur Shah was heading towards Dang from Kathmandu on his bus when he suddenly found two cartons of Ncell recharge cards at Chandrauta of Kapilvastu district on Friday.

He could have sold those cards to some traders and earn Rs 3.03 million. But, he did not.

He dialed the phone number which he found on a paper in one of the cartons.

On the other part of the world, Abdul Ramjam, a Nepalgunj-based recharge card dealer, was much more delighted when he received a call from an unknown number.

“I was flabbergasted on receiving the call,” said Ramjam.

He had been in a grave crisis after loss of the cartons.

Shah returned the cards to Ramjam organising a programme in Tulasipur of Dang district on Saturday.

Ramjam suspected that the cartons fell from the vehicle (Na 5 Kha 8286) which was transporting the cards.

Source: THT