Man kills wife, dumps body in river

Police has arrested a man on charge of murdering his wife and dumping the dead body at the Hanumante River in Bhaktapur.

Jabir Ansari, 19, a permanent resident of Manohar-6 in Siraha district, was arrested by police from Kalopul for thrashing his 24-year-old wife Sahajyadi Khaton on Friday evening. The culprit had thrashed and thrown the dead body to the river, according to DSP Bhim Kumar Bogati of Thimi Police Circle.

The culprit has been kept in the custody of Thimi Police Circle for further investigation.

Police say, Ansari allegedly killed his wife on the way while the duo returned home after re-settling their feud in the police Circle. It is reported that the husband and wife had frequent quarrels. Ansari who used to stay at Anantalingeshwor-5, works as an employee at a bag factory in Bhaktapur .

Source: eKantipur