Malls dumping garbage on street

With Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) refusing to collect waste generated by various shopping complexes of the capital city saying that they have not paid land, house, rent and advertisement taxes to the office, the staff of the complexes have started to dump garbage on the streets.

Dhurba Kafle, chief of Revenue Division at KMC, said that most of the malls have been ditching waste in front of their own buildings, while some have been carting away the refuses out of the Kathmandu valley. 

According to Kafle, nine shopping complexes of Kathmandu city have not paid taxes they owe to KMC. 

Kathmandu Mall, United World Trade Center (UWTC), Kathmandu Plaza, Nach Ghar, Kathmandu Plaza, People´s Plaza, Baneshwar Plaza, Tamrakar House and Sanjha Bhandar are the shopping complexes from where the KMC office has not collected refuses from the past few weeks.

“Our monitoring team has found them littering the street,” added Kafle.

According to the chief of Environment Department at KMC, Hari Kunwar, in order to catch them while throwing wastes on the road, the KMC has deployed a monitoring team. The team makes rounds during late night and early morning.

“The complexes throw refuses while we are not around the place,” said Chitra Kumar, chief metro police personnel, KMC. 

According to him, every day 10 KMC staff are involved in monitoring.

“We won´t resume our services until the complexes pay their taxes,” said Kafle. 

As per the Local Self Governance Act, 1999, and Local Self Governance Guideline, 2000, KMC is the only authority to collect land revenue, entertainment, vehicle, business, advertising, house, land and rent taxes in the capital city. 

Similarly, as per article 165 (2) and (3) of the act, the KMC office has the right to seize property and auction it in order to collect taxes. The office even has the right to sell the personal property of the owners of the mall for collecting taxes.

Source: Republica