Malaysian Embassy defends bio-metric medical system

Malaysian Embassy defends bio-metric medical system

Embassy of Malaysia in Kathmandu has defended the enforcement of the bio-metric medical test system, claiming that the new system has ´bigger benefits´.

In an email response to Republica´s query regarding the security concerns raised by local recruiting agencies, the embassy on Monday claimed that the new ´system is secured and certified internationally, and further updated to meet the advancement of technology worldwide´.

“That is why the Ministry of Home Affairs of Malaysia has chosen Foreign Workers Centralized Management System (FWCMS) and given the mandate to the company, to introduce it for all the respective source countries,” the email stated.

Local recruiting agencies have been arguing that the new system, which will be handled by a private company named ´Bestinet Sdn Bhd´, would jeopardize the security of foreign-bound workers as the data, security features, passport details and foreign-bound worker´s picture, among others, will go into its hands of the company.

The embassy has also pointed out fast processing of the workers documents to get the approval, elimination of malpractices and dubious certification and cost of sending the hard-copy reports via parcels, among others, as the benefits of the bio-metric medical test system.

Amid fierce opposition from the manpower recruiting companies, Malaysia — one of the preferred working destinations for Nepali migrant workers — has brought into effect a bio-metric system for Nepal along with 14 other countries from Thursday. While the government is yet to give approval in Nepal for the implementation of the new system, the recruiting firms have been denying the processing of Malaysia-bound workers.

Source: Republica