Mahashtami observed on Thursday

Mahashtami, the eighth day of Dashain was observed by performing special Pooja of the goddess Shakti according to Vedic rituals, throughout the country on Thursday.

People install the idols of ‘Nava Durga’ or nine goddesses in the prayer rooms for worship on Mahashtami.

On the occasion, special worship of weaponry, regarded as representations of the goddess Shakti’s weapons, is also performed.

Kalaratri — the seventh form amongst the Nava-Durga and the destroyer of all evils — is revered on this day, and a Pooja is performed in her honour, especially at midnight by Vedic or Tantric method.

According to age-old rituals, animals are sacrificed and offered to the goddess at temples and in households.

President Dr Ram Baran Yadav visited various Shakti-Peeth (Goddess Temples) and performed Pooja on the occasion.

Yadav offered worship at Naxal Bhagwati, Maitidevi, Bhadrakali, Sankata and Shobha Bhagwati temples in Kathmandu.

Temples all over the country were thronged by people on Thursday.

Source: Nepalnews