Madhesi parties say protest will continue

Madhesi parties say protest will continue

As the Constituent Assembly on Sunday began clause-wise voting on the Constitution Bill, the Madhes-based parties said that their agenda was bulldozed and they would continue their protests.

“The way the major three parties are moving ahead, they are pushing the country into serious crisis. We’ll keep protesting. We (the parties in the United Democratic Madhesi Front) will discuss the scenario soon and come up with further protest programs,” said Upendra Yadav, chairman of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN).
Sadbhavana Party General Secretary Manish Suman said that the major three parties tried to promulgate a constitution while suppressing the people in Madhes. “The constitution drafted while keeping the people at gunpoint cannot function. We’ll set fire to the copies of such a constitution from the very day of its promulgation. The leaders have pushed the country into a conflict,” said Suman.

Meanwhile, Madhesi People’s Right Forum – Democratic (MPRF-D) said that the leaders of the major political parties betrayed their parties and pushed them out of the constitution drafting process though these very parties had initiated the 16-point deal that gave momentum to the constitution drafting process.

“We were in the constitution drafting process but the big three parties betrayed us in refusing to ensure the rights of Madhesi, Tharus and other ethnic communities in the constitution. They forced us to come onto the street. The voting process is a continuation of the betrayal,” said Ram Janam Chaudhary, general secretary of MPRF-D.

He, however, said that his party was committed to peaceful protests and was still ready for talks. “We are still ready for talks but the major three parties should win back our faith and create an environment for talks,” he added.

Madhes activist Tula Narayan Sah said that the upcoming three days would be crucial for the future of the country and of Madhes.

“The state has followed a path of suppressing Madhesis. However, the Nepali state is not strong enough to end the protests through suppression while agenda-based politics has always prevailed in Madhes over the politics of power-grabbing. The upcoming few days are crucial for the country,” said Sah.

Source: MyRepublica