Madhesi Morcha men burn copies of Kantipur

Supporters of United Madhesi Morcha set fire to copies of various newspapers including Kantipur daily here in the district on Sunday.

Cadres of United Madhesi Morcha, among other protesters, who gathered at Tribhuvan Chowk this morning burned Kantipur, Nagarik, and Annapurnma Post among other national dailies, for not covering their news.

Tarai Madhes Loktantrik Party district leader Lalit Rauniyar said that they set fire on the newspapers as the latter did not publish their news. Rauniyar blamed it as a conspiracy to undermine their protests.

Meanwhile, District Police Chief SP Basanta Panta said that security has been beefed up at the local publication offices after the incident. Police have also been providing security at the homes of various lawmakers in the area.

Tharus, Madhesis and Muslims joined together to form the United Madhesi Morcha under the coordination of former minister and Federal Socialist Forum central committee member Mohammed Ishtiyak.

An indefinite strike called by Tharuhat supporters demanding the area from Kanchanpur in the West to Chitwan be included in the Tharuhat province has reached its fifth day and has hit the general life hard.

Source: eKantipur