Madhes agitation serving India’s vested interest: Pokharel

Madhes agitation serving India’s vested interest: Pokharel

UPN-UML Standing Committee Member Shankar Pokharel said the Madhes agitation is being orchestrated to serve the vested interests of southern neighbor India.

Speaking at an UML cadres’ orientation program organized at Udayapur district headquarters Gaighat on Tuesday, leader Pokharel accused India of inciting Madhesi people to fulfill its own vested interest.

“The Madhes agitation seems to be taking place not to benefit the Madhesi people rather it is being orchestrated to fulfill the vested interest of the few Indian ruling elites,” maintained Pokharel.

He argued that it is not reasonable on the part of India to use Madhesi community as a human shield to take advantage of the natural resources of Nepal.

Meanwhile, he also urged the southern neighbor to rectify its foreign policy on Nepal saying that few Madhesi leaders are meting out troubles unnecessarily to the common people through bands and strikes, putting the democracy at jeopardy.

Nepal has already got is much-awaited constitution and now the next agenda should be to bring an economic revolution in the country, said Pokharel.

He also urged the NC to stand for the implementation of the constitution in line with the gentleman agreement among the parties after its upcoming 13th General Convention.

Source: MyRepublica