Are you ready for the BLOOD MOON? Rare red lunar eclipse to appear for a second time this year – and you can watch it LIVE


  • A red moon will be visible in parts of the world including the US
  • The event is known as a ‘blood moon’ owing to the red colour of the moon
  • It occurs when the moon passes in to the shadow of Earth called the umbra
  • The event is quite rare but the moon is currently going through a sequence of four blood moons called a tetrad
  • The last was on 15 April 2014 and the next will be on 4 April 2015
  • At 6:25am EST (11.25am BST) on 8 October the eclipse will be at its peak


A ‘blood moon’ will be visible across large parts of parts of North America early tomorrow morning.

On Wednesday morning at 6:25am EST (11.25am BST) time the moon will pass into Earth’s shadow, making it appear red.

The event will last about an hour and, owing to the moon’s position in its orbit, will be 5.3 per cent larger than the previous blood moon on 15 April.

Nasa is streaming the event live on a webcast.

The event is the second in a sequence of four blood moons called a tetrad, which occur in six-month intervals. The next will happen on 4 April 2015 and the last on 28 September 2015. For the latest blood moon the moment of greatest eclipse will occur at 6:54am Eastern time, after starting at 6:25am, while the eclipse lasts a total of 59 minutes – ending at 7:53am. Owing to the orientation of the moon the southern half will appear much darker than the northern half because it will lie deeper in Earth’s shadow.

It will be most visible in the northwestern third of America, where all stages can be witnessed. Farther east in the US, various phases will occur after moonset.None of the eclipse will be visible from Europe, Africa or the Middle East though.