LSD racket busted, 213 strips of drug seized; Three, including two foreigners, arrested in Kathmandu

In the first ever seizure of LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) in the country, the Narcotics Control Bureau rounded up three suspects, including two foreigners, with 213 strips of LSD from separate places of the capital yesterday. 

The arrestees as Suresh Gandhari, 25, of Prithvi Narayan-2, German national Florian Johannes Vallen, 22, (with Passport No C4N1FL87M), and a Ukrainian citizen Balashova Anastasiya (with Passport No KC431787).

This is the first time the anti-drug agency of Nepal Police has established the circulation of LSD, manufactured in Netherlands. 

Florian was arrested from Basantapur with 129 strips of LSD and Suresh and Balashova were held with 84 doses of the hallucinogenic substance from Lazimpat. Florian, a drug user, had been staying in Kathmandu on a tourist visa for the past four months. 

While, Balashova, had arrived in Kathmandu on a business visa eight months ago. 

DIG Pratap Singh Thapa, NCB in-charge, said Gandharai was the prime suspect of the LSD racket. He would come into contact with foreigners in Thamel by playing and selling them Sarangi (a Nepali folk musical instrument). 

“Foreigners close to Suresh would help him sell the drug to prospective clients and they would also supply drugs through courier and other means,” he informed.

LSD is odourless, colourless, and tasteless. It can be painted onto small squares of paper that addicts lick or swallow. It’s effect will last till 12 hours.

“Racketeers also sell LSD stickers featuring cartoon characters to outsmart the law enforcement agency. It makes LSD a drug with high potential for easy smuggling, sale and abuse,” SSP Rana Bahadur Chand said.

During interrogation, Suresh said he had bought the LSD from an unidentified Russian national in Thamel last month. 

LSD fetches racketeers up to Rs 1,500 per dose.

Police have also seized 17 grams of hashish from his rented room in Balaju.

Police have intensified vigil on tourist hubs after the peddling of LSD came to light. 

All the arrested will face two years jail sentence each, if convicted under the Narcotic Drugs (Control and Punishment) Act.

Source: THT