Low pressure system brings more chill across country

The cloud formation with development of a low pressure area in the upper atmosphere over the Mediterranean Ocean and the wind originating from the Arabian Sea have resulted in cloudy condition, adding to the cold throughout the country including the Kathmandu Valley.

This weather condition has affected almost the entire country except the eastern parts as the low pressure-triggered clouds advance eastwards from the western part of the country having passed over Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Jammu-Kashmir and Uttarakhand of India, meteorologist Subas Rimal said.

Rimal said the cloudy condition was because of the combination of moisture-laden air in the low pressure area in the western part of the country and the wind originating from the Arabian Sea.

With the cloudy weather today, Kathmandu Valley received intermittent rains while the western region of the country light rains, pushing the mercury further down.

According to Rimal, cloudy condition will likely to continue for two more days resulting in light rains in most parts of the country.

There is also a possibility of snowfall in the mountainous region in the western part of the country.

The minimum temperature in the Kathmandu Valley today was 2.4 degrees Celsius, the Weather Forecasting Division stated.

People in the Valley were seen huddled at different places on the streets and squares warming themselves besides fire with the sudden increase in cold following light rain.

Source: THT