Loktantra Day being observed across the nation

Loktantra Day being observed across the nation

Loktantra Day is being observed across the nation today by organising various programmes.

The Movement of 2062/063 BS became successful after it achieved a success after the restoration of the House of Representatives. The movement is taken as the turning point in the country’s political scenario as it brought the rebel Maoist to the peaceful politics.

On the foundation of the same movement, the government and then CPN (Maoist) signed the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) to end the decade-long armed insurgency in the country and drafted the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 BS and declared the Federal Democratic Republic in the country.

However, the ongoing political instability in the country despite massive sacrifice for the success of the second People’s Movement has disappointed many as people’s dreams for change are not realized.

Now, it has become the main challenge to take the obstructed constitution writing to a conclusion.

Chairman of the Historic People’s Movement 2062/63 BS Martyr Family and Injured Concern Committee, Meghraj Acharya, remarked that although people contributed a lot to make the people’s movement a success, their contributions were not respected.

He said failure to promulgate the new constitution in the country for long and neglecting the contributions of the people have hurt the feelings of injured in the movement and members of the martyrs families.

Likewise, student leader Rajan Prasad Khatiwada said that the state should not forget the families of martyrs and injured as well as their contributions. RSS

Source: eKantipur