Locals take over 20 tractors under control

Locals have taken more than 20 tractors under control after finding them involved in smuggling construction materials from Agra rivulet in southern Dhading on Sunday night.

They took the tractors under control citing the crusher industries, established without meeting the criteria determined by the District Development Committee, exported construction materials illegally.

A local Bikas Karki said that they seized the tractors from the suspension bridge area of Agra rivulet and left the tractors after puncturing them.

All crusher industries operators and tractor drivers have been absconding after locals impounded the vehicles. More than 100 trips of construction materials are exported from the rivulet daily.

The Kalika, Gorakhkali and Siladevi Crusher Industries are operating their business without meeting the criteria, complained the locals.

Police reached at the incident site after locals brought the tractors under control. Tufel Ahamad Kha of Dhading District Development Committee, Revenue Section, said that there is a provision of slapping a fine from Rs 20,000 to Rs 100,000 if dozer and excavator are found used to excavate construction materials from rivulet, and a vehicle found used for smuggling the construction materials.

He said that the DDC collected Rs 154,000 fine during past one month on these charges.

Source: Nepalnews