Locals suffer as contractor leaves under construction roads in limbo

Construction of three road sections in Mahottari has been left in limbo after the contractors hired for the purpose fled without any information in October last year.

However, the government has made no attempts to contact the contractors or look for alternatives to construct the road on time. A joint venture of two Indian companies Vishwa and BVSR had been awarded the contract to construct 18.70 km stretch from Vittamode to Janakpur, 27.22 km from Jaleshwar to Hardi and 26.9 km from Samsi to Maistan in 2011.

As per the agreement, Vishwa-BVSR JV had been contracted to construct the road sections by December 2012. However, very little progress has been made although the deadline for the road project expired 19 months ago.

Ram Daresh Thakur, a shopkeeper based on Jankapur-Jaleshwar road section, said, “It is dusty everywhere. The contractors instead of renovating the roads have damaged it further. As the road is dusty, normal accidents have become common along the road section.”

“Our business is down as customers do not want to visit hotels alongside dusty roads,” said Saroj Chaudhary, owner of RM Family Hotel located in Jaleswar-5.

The residents were hopeful about timely construction of the road when it was announced that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would visit Janakpur on the sidelines of the recently held SAARC Summit. Division Road Office, Mujeliya had been repairing the roads until Modi´s visit to Janakpur was cancelled.

Source: Republica