Local entrepreneurs take initiative for new industrial estate in Kaski

Local entrepreneurs have taken initiative for establishing an industrial estate in Lekhnath Municipality of Kaski.

They took the initiative for building second industrial estate in the district as Pokhara Industrial Estate does not have the capacity to accommodate new industries. Local industrialists say Lekhnath Municipality could be the alternative as it has plenty of barren unregistered land.

“Our technicians have already completed initial survey and forwarded their report to the Ministry of Industry,” Raj Kumar Mandal, director of Industrial Area Management Limited (IAML), told Republica. “The feasibility study will begin as soon as the ministry allocates budget for the purpose.”

Lekhnath Municipality has already allocated necessary land for the purpose in Patneri area.

Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has taken initiative to establish industrial estate in Patneri. The all-party meeting held recently also concluded that the proposed place is suitable for industrial estate. “There is 715 ropani of vacant land at Patneri. Since the area is far from human settlement and close to Prithvi Highway, we have seen it as a suitable site,” Laxmi Tripathi, vice president of LCCI, said. He also said the government will have to invest only a few amount of rupees for land acquisition as the area has plenty of public land.

There are a total of 64 industries in Pokhara Industrial Estate which is spread over 500 ropani, according to Nepal Bhusan Baidya, manager of Pokhara Industrial Estate Management Office. “As the new industrial estate will have modern infrastructures, more industries might be interested to shift there,” he added.

According to Mandal, the decision to set up the industrial estate and its development model will be taken by MoI soon. “The ministry will decide whether it wants to develop the estate on its own or for the public-private partnership model,” he added.

Pokhara Industrial Estate, which was established 42 years ago, now sits in the heart of a densely-populated city.

Source: Republica