Living goddess Kumari after Great Earthquake (in pictures)

Kumari , believed as a living goddess , is a unique tradition of Nepal. Pre-pubescent girls belonging to Newar community (especially from Shakya clan) are taken as the manifestation of Hindu goddess and placed in different temples as living goddess once they are approved from various rounds of selection procedure.

Smriti Bajracharya is now the living goddess from Bungmati, Lalitpur. She is now seven-year-old and a student of grade one. She was selected as Kumari in May 2014. She is a daughter of Shantikar Bajracharya (father) and Sajita Bajracharya (mother), residents of Bungmati-1.

The April 25 quake ravaged their house completely rendering them homeless. Now the family is taking shelter at the residence of their close relative.

“Since it is still uncertain when we will be able to move into our own home, I haven’t been able to think properly as what to do next,” laments Shantikar.

This was also the year for pulling the chariot of Machhindranath which is observed every 12 years. The chariot procession that commenced on 22nd April came to halt after the deadly quake hit Nepal just three days later. The chariot is now stranded in Chayasikot of Lalitpur.

It is mandatory to enshrine Kumari onto the chariot in some major places during the chariot procession.

Source: ekantipur