Litter mounts at Dhaulagiri base camp

Litter heaped at the base camp of Dhaulagiri Mountain is not only repelling foreign tourists but is also polluting the environment, leading to health hazards.

Authorities have not taken any action to manage the litter scattered haphazardly by the mountaineers, guides and porters at the base camp, for four years, said VDC secretary Jit Bahadur Sunar.

The locals complained that the Tourism Ministry had sent a team led by Maya Gurung from Kathmandu and allotted Rs 1.4 million to clear the trash at the base camp four years ago, but they did not clear the garbage completely. The team just wasted the money in the name of cleaning, they accused.

Only 12 sacks of garbage was collected but recently, enough junk had piled up to fill more than hundreds of sacks, added a local Hari Tilija.

Dhaulagiri Tourism Council Chairman Amar Baniya said that if the government provided necessary budget and assigned the local bodies to collect the trash, the elegance of Mount Dhaulagiri Mountain would remain intact.

According to the locals, an autonomous committee was essential to free the base camp from the garbage.

Source: Nepalnews