Limbuwan group withdraws strike

Limbuwan Joint Struggle Committee on Wednesday decided to withdraw its ongoing general strike after being pressurized by entrepreneurs, laborers and locals. The strikers came under intesene pressure to call off their protests after people, whose source of earning had been jeopardized for months, started defying the shutdowns.

Local businessmen reopened the Itahari market to defy the general strike Wednesday after they learnt that the strikers were planning to intensify their protests. They felt more confident to open their shops after the police assured them of providing security to their businesses.

Itahari DSP Om Adhikari informed that the protestors have agreed not to pressurize the entrepreneurs to shut down their shops.

Meanwhile, Padam Adhikari, who has been leading the strikers, said that they would intensify their protests in other ways. “Our protests will not stop,” he added.

With Limbuwan calling off its strike, transportation services between Itahari and Dharan resumed from Wednesday. However, Tarai-Madhes continues to remain closed for the past 39 days..

Source: MyRepublica