Laxmi Puja‚ Deepawali observed; Deusi Bhailo continues

Laxmi Puja, the third day of Tihar, is being celebrated on Thursday evening by worshipping Lord Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth.

Houses, offices, corporations and other buildings are illuminated with candles and fancy lights.

Likewise, revellers are playing Deusi Bhailo at houses singing songs and performing dances.

Though the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) had urged public not to use fancy lights during evening, the notice was apparently ignored.

The fourth day of the festival will be observed on Friday as Gai Puja and Gobhardan Puja when cows and oxen are worshiped.

Nepal Sambat 1335 and Mha Puja will be celebrated on the same day.

Bhai Tika, the main and final day of Tihar, falls on Saturday. On this day, sisters put saptarangi tika on their brothers’ forehead and wish them long life and prosperity.

According to Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti, the authorised body entrusted with bringing out Nepali calendar, the most auspicious hour for offering and receiving Bhai Tika is 11:35 am. The government has declared Thursday, Friday and Saturday public holidays to celebrate Tihar.

Source: THT