Law against joining I/NGOs for 3 yrs after retirement being mulled

Ministry of General Administration (MoGA) is mulling a new law to bar government officials from joining non-government organizations or international government organizations till three years after their retirement from the government service.

The ministry is currently holding series of discussions over introducing law, spokesman at the MoGA, Suresh Kumar Adhikari, told Republica.

“At present, we are holding discussions within the ministry about introducing the new law by amending the Civil Service Act,” Adhikari said.

The ministry officials started discussions over bringing this provision in line with the recommendations given by the Administrative Reform Implementation and Monitoring Committee headed by former secretary Krishna Hari Banskota.

Submitting a report to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in October last year, the committee had suggested the government to bring new laws barring government employees from working as consultants or employees at NGOs or INGOs after their retirement from the government service for at least three years.

It has been a trend in Nepal´s bureaucracy that mainly secretaries (special-class government officers) join NGOs and INGOs as consultants immediately after their retirement. Officials fear the possibility of retired officers misusing vital government records, data and information for their personal benefits.

“In some cases, secretary level officials were found to have leaked highly confidential government information to the NGOs, INGOs and foreign diplomatic missions to secure new jobs after their retirement. This trend needs to be immediately ended for which the government must bring stringent laws,” an official at the MoGA told Republica requesting anonymity.

Source: Republica