Late King Birendra and Families’ Classy Vehicles worth Rs. 5 billion gather dust

These are world-class vehicles used by royalty, heads of state, prime ministers and top business executives across the world. The luxurious vehicles were imported for the then king, queen and other royalty at different times.
But since the abolition of monarchy, over five dozen expensive vehicles worth billions of rupees have been left in a completely sorry state just like scrap.

According to officials of a committee formed to study and make recommendations to the government regarding the management of such vehicles, the total cost of the 65 vehicles, which have gathered dust inside their garages for nearly three years past due to government apathy, is estimated at Rs 5 billion.

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for managing such vehicles. The vehicles, which include Jaguar, Daimler and Mercedez-Benz models, were imported from the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries. Some of the vehicles were left under the open sky for two to six months. Due to lack of maintenance, they became covered with bushes.

Source: Nepal123