Landslides pose threat to Ramechhap road

Landslides pose threat to Ramechhap road

Landslides at Bokshe along the Manthali-Khurkot road in Ramechhap have posed threat to people and vehicles.

Local residents said rocks started falling on the road as a cliff in the area developed cracks during the April 25 earthquake. Drivers said they have no option other than speeding their vehicles to avoid any falling rocks.

Local authorities said the area, supposed to be of minor risk, has developed as a major landslide-prone area.

Chief District Officer Basudev Dahal said they urged lawmakers, who inspected the road recently, to seek government help from the central level to remove rocks from the risky area.

Dahal said he also requested Road Division technicians to clear the rocks. However, the technicians too have been unable to carry out the job.

Meanwhile, lawmakers Aangtawa Sherpa, Shyam Kumar Shrestha and Kamala Ghimire said they will request the government authorities to remove the risky cliff immediately.

Transport entrepreneurs said it has been very difficult for them to provide transport services to people along the road section due to the landslide threat.

The road section was also obstructed for five days due to dry landslips at the Sunkoshi bridge following the quake.

Similar landslides at Bokshe, Hatitar, Masantar, Beni and Seleghat along the road have also posed threats to travelers.

Source: eKantipur