Landslides obstruct Araniko, Pasang Lhamu highways

Landslides triggered by the earthquake of Tuesday afternoon have obstructed the Lamo Sanghu-Barahbise section of Araniko Highway and Trishuli-Dhunche section of Pasang Lhamu Highway, according to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport.

“We have received reports about landslides in these roads, but do not have the details yet,” said Tulasi Prasad Sitaula, secretary at the ministry.

Both Araniko and Pasang Lhamu highways had been obstructed in the April 25 earthquake as well. The obstructions were cleared only recently.

Besides landslides, some sections of Araniko Highway, including Bhaktapur-Banepa road, were also blocked by collapsed building rubble.

Sitaula said there were no reports about landslides and damage in other major highways of the country.

“Except for some roads, mainly in the city areas, other major highways are safe for vehicles,” Sitaula said.

Araniko and Pasang Lhamu highways are the major road links with China. The obstructions along these highways are expected to hinder the process of ferrying quake-injured people to hospitals, aid works as well as trade with China.

Source: eKantipur