Landslide obstructed road at Jure reopens

Traffic has resumed in the landslide debris obstructed road section at Jure in Sindhupalchowk.

According to transportation entrepreneurs, around a hundred containers passed through the road. The private sector transport entrepreneurs had undertaken initiative to open the track at landslide affected road section.

Coordinator of the track construction committee Bishnu Khatri said the road has reopened from Tuesday.

Out of the 140 containers stranded at Barahbise, around a hundred have passed through the road till Wednesday evening, Khatri said.

The transport entrepreneurs aim to deliver a thousand containers across the border before Dashain to Kathmandu.

According to Customs Officer Mimansa Adhikari, the process of checking containers at the customs office had begun from Tuesday.

The private entrepreneurs have invested around 20 million rupees to ready the roads for operation.

Around 1000 containers were stranded across Tatopani border after the road obstruction.

Six billion rupees was collected as revenue at the Tatopani Customs Office in the Fiscal Year 2013-14. The Office aims at collecting Rs 680 million as revenue in the months of August-September this year.

A massive landslide had hit Jure area of Sindhupalchowk on August 3, causing loss of lives, property and physical infrastructure damages.

Source: Nepalnews