KMC plans double shift in 35 wards

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is planning to start services in two shifts in all the 35 wards of the metropolis.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development had suggested that KMC provide services in two shifts like those government offices that started two-shift services on December 17.

Shanta Ram Pokhrel, Spokesperson for KMC, said a decision was taken yesterday to form a task force comprising seven members under the leadership of Bakhat Bahadur Saud, Chief of Administration at KMC, to work on two-shift service plan.

The task force has been given 15 days to do the needful so that KMC offices in all 35 wards could start services in two shifts. It has to designate officials of the selected departments of KMC to work in two shifts as well. Pokhrel informed that KMC departments will either work from 6am to 6pm or from 8am to 4pm. “KMC can extend more services to public when double shift working comes into operation,” he said. Enforcement of two working shifts in all 35 wards is still a challenge due to lack of enough staff and facilities. “The task force will also study how useful it will be to introduce double shift at the ward level,” he added. At present, KMC offices operates from 10am to 4pm.

The Environment Department is the only department of KMC that has been operating from 5am to 6pm for managing waste of the capital and to maintain the city clean. Rabin Man Shrestha, Chief of Environment Department at KMC, said that double shift will not be applicable to environment department.

“In addition to daily working hours, the Environment Department already has staff for overtime services,” he said, adding “There are staff who work whole night to entry data and receive complaints from the public in case of anyone polluting the main roads.”

Source: THT