KMC offers waivers on fees for rebuilding quake-hit houses

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Friday announced a 75 percent waiver in fees for approvals of building design-maps for reconstruction of houses completely damaged by April’s earthquake.

The discount for approval of design-maps for rebuilding partially-damaged house is 25 percent, according to a press release issued by KMC following a municipal council meeting.

However, applications to ‘change purpose’ of buildings are not eligible for the facility, it said. Such permission are issued for residential and business purposes and the fee for approval is Rs 25 and Rs 35 per square feet respectively.

Dhruba Kafle, the chief of revenue department of KMC, also said that owners of partially-damaged houses don’t’ have to pay any charges for retrofitting but will have to receive permission first to do so. “Owners have to receive permission as well as pay fees for additional structures in their buildings while retrofitting their buildings,” Kafle added.

Government data has put the combined figure of houses fully or partially damaged by the earthquake at 5,272. However, officials say there are discrepancies in the number.

KMC has also announced a 100-percent waiver of fees and charges for owners of fully-damaged houses for receiving KMC’s services and recommendations.

Recommendations and services issued by KMC include those related to insurance and bank loans, among others.

The council also decided to provide a 10-percent tax waiver on rental tax, business tax, entertainment tax and vehicle tax for all taxpayer for paying their taxes before December 14. The deadline for the same facility for land and house taxes is October 17.

Kafle also said all such facilities were only for regular taxes or only those of the last fiscal year and not for outstanding taxes accrued over other previous years.

KMC had set a 20-percent tax waiver, except on land and house taxes, last year hoping to also bring in taxpayers who had not been paying regularly.

Source: MyRepublica