Kirtipur Municipality dumping garbage into Bagmati River

At a time when the government is carrying out massive campaign to clean-up the Bagmati River, Kirtipur Municipality has been found recklessly dumping garbage into the river.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) office on Friday took under control two garbage tractors hired by the Kirtipur Municipality just as the workers were dumping wastes from the vehicles into the Bagmati River near the Tribuhuvan University at Kirtipur.

The government, in collaboration with various organizations, has been organizing the Bagmati River clean-up campaign on a weekly basis since the last one and a half years as the river, which has both historical and environmental significance, became heavily polluted due to various anthropogenic activities.

“We seized the vehicles as they were found polluting the river,” said Rabin Man Shrestha, chief of the Environment Division at the KMC.

A week ago, Chief Secretary Lila Mani Poudel had directed the KMC to monitor the river and take action if anyone is found polluting the river.

The KMC informed that the seized tractors belong to Clean Nepal, a private company which collects garbage for Kirtipur Municipality.

“The drivers of the tractors have said that the Kirtipur Municipality had asked them to dump garbage into the river,” said Shrestha.

Kirtipur Municipality generates around 10 tons of garbage on a daily basis. But instead of taking the garbage directly to the landfill site in the Sisdole area, the municipality has been dumping the waste into the river.

Locals said that Kirtipur Municipality had been dumping the garbage on the river for the last four months.

A week ago, the KMC had also asked the municipality to stop dumping the garbage on the river.

“Likewise, we also provided two garbage collecting containers to the municipality after it said it had no containers to collect the garbage. But despite all this, it did not stop dumping the garbage on the river. So, we seized the vehicles,” informed Shrestha.

The KMC has asked the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) to take necessary action against the municipality for the illegal activity.

However, the municipality officials have said that it has no particular transfer station to temporarily dump the garbage and later transport it to the landfill site area.

They also said that it will take about a month to make necessary preparations for the proper management of the wastes.

Source: Republica