Khalsa Aid to serve cooked-meal to quake hits

Khalsa Aid to serve cooked-meal to quake hits

Khalsa Aid, an international relief work organization and UK-registered charity, has said that it will distribute cooked meal for the earthquake hits from Monday.

The Sikh charity, which has been assisting victims in disaster situations in various parts of the world, has also been helping the quake hits in Nepal since Saturday night through medical services, relief materials and shelter kits.
“It seems that people are mostly getting dry and fast foods. So, we plan to distribute cooked meal to the quake hits from Monday. Initially, it would be for two weeks. We may later extend the time,” Ravinder Singh, founder and CEO of Khalsa Aid, told Republica.

Singh, along with 15 members of the organization, arrived in Kathmandu to lend his helping hand to the quake hits as soon as the news about the disaster broke out. “We have arrived with a team and helping people and communities here as part of our selfless service which transcends our religious boundary,” added Singh who founded the organization on the Sikh principles in 1999.

Khalsa Aid plans to distribute cooked-food at Nepal Army Headquarters grounds in Bhadrakali.

According to Singh, they have distributed 4,000 corrugated sheets to the people inside Kathmandu Valley, whose homes have been destructed by the quake, as part of their shelter service. “We are also concerned of the proper sanitation needs currently. Thus we have distributed 50,000 masks to the people in various communities. Likewise, we have also distributed 10 water tanks so that people can have access to clean drinking water,” he added.

The charity is also mulling over for the support that it can make in the long term reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country. “We will assess the situation when we will be lending our helping hand in this immediate tragedy. Such support will be targeted for the very poor people who have lost their family members or are worst hit,” he added, appealing other generous groups to help them in their efforts of providing free cooked-meal to the disaster hits.

The organization also said it has already distributed nearly seven tons of food items to the quake hits in the Kathmandu Valley.

Source: Myrepublica