‘Jumla will be made land of keshar and apples’

An Agriculture Cooperative of Jumla has made commitment to make Jumla district a land of apples and keshar, a precious herb.

A 11- member working committee led by Manoj Budhathoki Magar elected from the second general assembly of the Naulo Bihani Agriculture Cooperative Ltd. made a collective commitment for developing organic things in the district.

It has decided to move ahead with concrete long term policies for the same. Officiating Agriculture Development Officer Bishnu Bahadur Mahat said the cooperative has given new opportunities for women who are confined to kitchens.

Cooperatives Chairman Budhathoki Magar said plans were to move ahead with women empowerment, collective policies and organic fertilizers and seeds to share members, among others.

District Cooperative Association Jumla Member Purna Prasad Timalsena accused NGOs of making citizens allowance-oriented and informed that they had opened a Salt Trading Corporation Cooperatives for the first time in 2020 BS in Jumla district.

Source: THT