Journo Pokharel slapped with 20-year jail term for raping daughter

The District Court, Jhapa has slapped 20 years imprisonment on a journalist from Gauradaha, Jhapa, who had raped his own juvenile daughter last year.

A bench of the District Court Jhapa, Chief Judge, Ramesh Kumar Khattri, has convicted Journalist Ramesh Pokharel with 20 years of imprisonment under the incest and rape case on December 14.

The verdict, ruled in the favor of the victim, has ordered the culprit Pokharel, who was also the former central member of Press Chautari Nepal, to compensate the victim with Rs 400,000.

A case of rape was registered in the District Court Jhapa on October 4, 2013 from the victim´s side. RSS

Source: Republica