JFC in Nepal


J.F.C. Nepal Pvt. Ltd. a franchise holder of ToyoKaraage, A Japanese Fried Chicken Joint Franchise is now also in Nepal.

Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC) is a well-known popular menu in Japan. Especially NAKATSU City of Oita Prefecture (Southern Part of Japan) has many JFC shops and this city is nationally famous for JFC in japan. The JFC lovers said this city to JFC Sanctuary, and visit this city only to enjoy the taste of it from different places.

The “TOYOKARAAGE” is the JFC chain shop which holds the center kitchen and shop at JFC Sanctuary, NAKATSU. Furthermore, TOYOKARAAGE has participated in Shanghai Expo on 2010 as its first overseas exhibition and received popularity from the people of various countries. After that we have participated in MAKAU expo on 2012 and decided to open our chain shop in different countries.

JFC is located at three locations:
Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu
Padma Marg, Naxal, Bhat-Bhateni
Maharajgunj(Opposite to US embassy)

More information at: http://www.toyokara.com.np/