‘Jan 22 not must deadline for statute on consensus’

Chairman of the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) Baburam Bhattarai has said it was not essential enough to regard January 22 as the deadline to promulgate new constitution on consensus.

Inaugurating the First District Convention of National Human Rights Concern Centre Nepal, Bhaktapur, organised at Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur on Saturday Chairman Bhattarai said, “The new constitution is now to be promulgated for the people. It is not must to regard January 22 as the deadline for this. The new constitution can be promulgated even after January 22.”

The Former Prime further said it was difficult to promulgate constitution without forging consensus on the major issues of the constitution, including the form of governance, state restructuring and electoral system.

However, he said the efforts were still afoot to forge consensus. It could be promulgated at any date if consensus was forged, he added.

The CPDCC Chairman said two meetings are scheduled today to hold discussions and prod the different political parties, committees and sub-committees for the consensus.

Expressing worry over the failure to reach to a positive conclusion despite continuous discussions and meetings, leader Bhattarai said there was no alternative to consensus. He pointed out the deteriorating situation of human rights in the country and added that situation of human rights would also be all right after the promulgation of new constitution.

Different persons including commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission Prakash Wasti, rights activist Gauri Pradhan, chairman of the Press Council Nepal Borna Bahadur Karki stressed on the need for ensuring human rights in the new constitution. RSS

Source: Republica