“I’ve already understood…,” said Sushil Koirala before breathing his last

“I’ve already understood…,” said Sushil Koirala before breathing his last

“Maile bujhisakein!”

“(I’ve already understood!)”

These were the final words of Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who passed away at around 00:50 Tuesday, his close aide said.

The veteran leader, who suffered from pneumonia and fever, apparently in his full consciousness told his personal secretary and personal doctor that he knew that he was on his deathbed, according to Koirala’s press advisor Prakash Adhikari.

Issuing a statement, Adhikari said Koirala had spoken to personal secretary Krishna Aryal and personal doctor Karbir Nath Yogi before breathing his last.

While the doctor and the secretary were mulling next steps to be taken for Koirala’s treatment after his pulse slowed down, the veteran leader said so, according to Adhikari.

Koirala, who suffered from respiratory conditions, was frequently administered oxygen and nebuliser was used for his treatment after he suffered from a bout of pneumonia, fever and asthma, he added.

Leader Koirala was also suffering from insomnia of late and would frequently express worries over national and international issues, Adhikari informed.

After leaving Baluwatar in October, Koirala had been staying at Nepali Congress leader and his kin Shashanka Koirala’s residence, where he passed away.

Source: THT