IT Training Nepal helps trainees get jobs

IT Training Nepal has adopted a new methodology to take vocational IT Training to a new level through a practical and job-oriented approach, it says.

To fulfill a gap seen between professional training and the actual job, the company has conceptualized an approach of internship, wherein students are involved in real-time projects after successfully completing their training program, the company issuing a press statement.

“Training by itself does never suffice because it can only add to an insight into the subject matter; it cannot provide the right amount of knowledge, and the confidence to start a job straightaway. Around 80 percent of the students still remain incapable of immediately getting under way after training. Hence to help students get jobs right away we provide them with internship programs where they get involved in real-time simulated projects based on the requirement of software development companies,” Srijan Shah, director of IT Training Nepal, said in the statement.

Students are be supervised by respective project managers who help them right from beginning to an end of a software development project during the internship period.

Internship programs are conducted in-house, the company says. For students who are less prepared to face the job market, the company has adopted a distinct approach where students are re-trained on certain elements, and are taken through re-internship process to make them able to gain plenty of confidence to set out their career, according to IT Training Nepal.

Students who had studied at IT Training Nepal are currently working in various software companies like Verisk, Deerwalk, ebPearls, e-Prabidhi, Info Developers, Codeilo, Jasper IT, View Nepal, Alucio Technologies, the statement adds.

Source: Myrepublica