Israel to hire 60 caregivers from Nepal

Israel to hire 60 caregivers from Nepal

Israel has agreed to hire 60 caregivers from Nepal in the “pilot phase” of the proposed Government-to-Government recruitment system, according to the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE). The two countries are scheduled to sign an agreement on Friday making them the first lot of caregiver to leave for Israel through institutional channel in seven years. Under the proposed rule, both Nepali men and women can go to Israel paying a maximum amount of around Rs 65,000.

Israel, one of the most sought destinations for Nepali caregivers, has not hired Nepali caregivers through recruitment agencies since April 2009 citing huge irregularities in the recruitment system of the foreign employment agencies.

MoLE officials said that Director General of Department of Foreign Employment and Israel ambassador to Nepal will sign the agreement.

State Minister for Labour and Employment Tek Bahadur Gurung said that further job demands will be issued depending on the effectiveness of the G-to-G recruitment system.

“It’s first time we are planning to send workers to Israel through governmental channel. There could be more demands if this new experiment proves effective,” said Gurung.

Israel had stopped hiring Nepali workers citing the lack of work skills and language proficiency of the migrants and widespread exploitation of Nepali workers. Recruiting agencies were charging as high as Rs 1 million to send Nepali caregiver to Israel.

Nearly 700 migrant workers entered Israel through individual channel in the past one year. Israel is considered far better work destination compared to the Gulf and Malaysia due to decent pay and better treatment. Nepali caregiver can earn at least Rs 100,000 every month in Israel.

Source: eKantipur