IOC pledges to regularize fuel supply

IOC pledges to regularize fuel supply

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has agreed to supply fuel products from Raxaul border point with the ease in the border obstruction.

In the wake of the agitation launched by the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) for the last five months and the Indian government’s undeclared blockade, the IOC had been rerouting the supply of fuel products to other points. With the ease in demonstrations at the transit route from Friday, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) appealed to the IOC to supply oil from the border point as in regular times.
NOC Spokesperson Mukunda Ghimire said IOC has agreed to provide oil from the old route (Raxaul). NOC has further instructed the gas bullets and fuel tankers that ply the Raxaul-Kathmandu route to transport fuel from the old route.

Of the total fuel consumption in the country, 70 per cent fuel is supplied from this transit route. As per the IOC’s commitment, the fuel will be supplied as in the period before the blockade.

Customs Department Director General Shishir Kumar Dhungana said 19 transit routes with India are operational now, and spoke of the general movement of export and import commodities.

NOC said the current problems would end soon if there are no problems seen in loading the gas and petroleum products as per IOC’s pledge.

Fuel loading starts at Raxaul depot

The Indian Oil Corporation’s Raxaul depot has started loading fuel in the NOC tankers. Parsa’s Chief District Officer (CDO) Keshav Raj Ghimire said the IOC is loading fuel in 35 tankers. RSS

Source: MyRepublica