Internet now at Annapurna Base Camp

Next time you reach Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) after days of a long and tiring trek, you will not start missing your near and dear ones for a single moment as internet connectivity will keep you in touch with them 24/7. 

Thanks to Nepal Telecom and the internet connectivity it has been expanding for several years now, this service has finally reached such mountainous heights for the first time in Nepal. Tourists and locals at ABC have already been using the internet services for the last three days. 

Talking to Republica, Rajesh Regmi, sales chief at Nepal Telecom Pokhara, said four hotels operating at the base camp have already started using Wi-Fi connectivity.

“It´s locals and trekkers alike who have largely benefited from the internet service. Moreover, many tourists, who are so far from home, feel proud to be using the internet at such great altitude,” said Regmi. 

Caption: Internet has reached the Annapurna Base Camp recently (Republica files)

According to him, internet services at ABC have been made available through NTSYAT technology. The same technology was used for opening four telephones lies to the ABC area some four years ago. We now have internet connectivity at an altitude of 4,130 meters above sea level.

“Before this internet connectivity came into play, trekkers always had the hardest time sharing and receiving instant messages; now it´s not a problem anymore,” said Regmi.

Annapurna Century, Annapurna Guest House, Paraguide Garden and Snowland Hotel at ABC now have internet connectivity. “All four hotels have installed 256 kilobits/second internet connectivity and the service has been appreciated by trekkers,” said Regmi. 

However, the internet service has been extended only up 3,700 meters. “To be able to bring the facility to such a great height has to be taken as a great success. It will make life easier and accessible for sure,” said Regmi. “Our main aim is helping the locals and trekkers get connected and not ripping them off,” he added. 

Similar was the response of Dil Prasad Gurung, who operates Paraguide Hotel. “Tourists have been impressed to find internet connectivity when they check into our rooms here,” he said.

Source: Republica