International recognition for 13 items

Thirteen items getting Nepal Standards (NS) certification mark have received international recognition. The Indian Certification Board under initiative of the Bureau of Standards and Metrology has provided international recognition to noodles, poultry feed, food grains, biscuits, iron rods, cement, pipes and other items.

Export of these items will become easier with this certification and it will also help reduce trade deficit. The Indian board is under international standards. The goods with respective serial numbers, according to the bureau, are noodles 138, poultry feeds 11, wheat flour 10, biscuits 18, iron bars 191, HDPE pipes 40, OPC cement 49, PSC cement 384, PPC cement 385, PVC pipes 206, GI pipes 163, CGI sheets 141 and GI pipes 199, according to Director General of the bureau Bishwo Babu Pudasaini. He said textiles, mineral water and other products are also in final stage of receiving recognition.

Those items passed by the laboratory of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, meeting standards and completing the necessary process get international recognition. He revealed that the domestic products get international recognition only after their quality is certified by an ISO standard laboratory. International recognition has been awarded only after the Indian board endorsed the laboratory and quality of goods, according to the board. Though the Indian board tested the Nepali laboratory it has yet to provide international recognition, according to the bureau.

The NS mark awarded by the bureau is valid only in domestic market. The Nepali items with NS mark had not received international recognition earlier despite being of ISO standard. Nepal became full-time member of ISO only in January. “This will help in establishing credibility of Nepali products across the world. Export will also rise after that,” Pudasaini argued. The bureau has also made NS mark mandatory in domestic market for 12 items including portland cement, iron rods, GI wires, corrugated metallic sheets, drycell batteries, LPG cylinders and others.

He stated that initiative to expand quality of Nepali products in the international market has started under leadership of the bureau and affiliation of the Indian board. But it will be difficult to get international recognition for all kinds of products with NS mark. The bureau argued that affiliation provided to Indian and Nepali goods has meaning as Nepal has a massive trade deficit with India. The government has also started to make the process of awarding NS certification mark of international standard after international recognition for Nepali items. “All the items for whom NS mark has been made mandatory have not received international recognition. Only a few selected items have received such recognition,” he revealed.

A meeting of SAARC level certification experts held in mid-January in Dhulikhel, Kavre had also advised the government to make NS as per international standards. They had concluded that it will help boost export.            .

Mark/No Items
NS 138 Noodles
NS 11 Poultry feeds
NS 10 Wheat flour
NS 18 Biscuits
NS 191 Iron bars
NS 40 HDPE pipes
NS 49 OPC cement
NS 384 PSC cement
NS 358 PPC cement
NS 206 PVC pipes
NS 163 GI pipes
NS 141 CGI sheets
NS 199 GI pipes 

Source: Karobardaily